First of all, legalization of prostitution in the United States does not decrease per say, but also does not enhance womens choice.
For many years prostitution has been a very looked down upon way of making money and having mano negra putas fever as a lifestyle for various reasons in the United States.
There are also many of non-governmental organizations and international organizations involved in reducing the practices of child prostitution in the world.Some children also engage in prostitution due to pleasure and continue in it because of the pleasure they derive from these acts.This further endangers the life of the child and deteriorates the child's health.Vref1 titleEffects Of Child Prostitution Young People Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard.The new constitution of that country has comprehensively covered and clearly outlined the rights of children.They also share child pornography through such websites thus encouraging not only child sex tourism but also child trafficking for sexual purposes.Gender plays a huge role in careers and other optional activities.Most governments are committed to end this problem of child prostitution both in their countries and in foreign countries.People prefer to practice child prostitution in foreign countries for various reasons.This implies that making prostitution readily accessible and available may not reduce the art of the practice.This further weakens the health of these children and some lead to their death.Currently, having sex with girls below fifteen years of age is illegal under Thai law.About 900, 000 children are trafficked across international borders each year mujeres solteras en busca de una relacion and people hold them in brothels or in other places for sexual exploitation.A number of countries in the Eastern and Central African region made commitments to this strategy.Thus, this practice should not be legalized.
These include the rights of same sex marriages, human cloning, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, and prostitution.
If this country were to legalize prostitution, we could make a fortune while also improving the health of our country and the "character" behind it all.

Poor law enforcement in other countries also aggravates this problem.
Internet and child pornography serves as a major marketing tool that promotes child prostitution.