As early as in October 1914, the Reichsmarineamt ordered two experimental small mine laying boats of 150 tons.
Mittler, Berlin - Bernede, Alain (1998) Les Jardiniers de Salonique : Les Lignes de Communication et la Logistique de l Armée d Orient, Octobre 1915-Novembre 1918, Revue Historique des Armées 3-1998: 27-42 - Bois, Paul (2003) Armement Marseillais, Compagnies de Navigation et Navires à Vapeur.
Few of the most notable incidents during this period10 include a rather minor hull structural damage and flooding on 18 September 1910; a both engines failure on which necessitated the ship to be taken under tow to Las Palmas port for repairs; a grounding.
On 17 December 1917 Oberleutnant zur See Hans Adalbert von der Lühe took over her command.Documentary research was done to identify possibilities as to the wrecks name and thereafter pijudo busca putita poringa to acquire information, plans and photos.A brief overview of her Mediterranean patrols demonstrates the modus operandi of these submarines in the particular theatre: based in Pola they had to sneak past the Otrando barrage in order to operate mainly in the eastern basin, minelaying straits and approaches and then conducting.Profiles were generated using VPM-B software.Questions that cannot be answered.Třeba vylodění v Normandii: coby Spojenci se musíte nejprve společně s týmem dostat na pláž, schovat se za ježky, pak dobýt kopec, zničit rádiový vysílač a nakonec odpálit osmaosmdesátky.Závislost na fotbalovém manažeru má i své kladné stránky.Notes: 1 Alain Croce, La Société Générale des Transports Maritimes à Vapeur (2003.V nejbližší době by chtěl se svým týmem proniknout do Evropské ligy.The crew, after orders of LDV Blanchot commanding the Sape, escort 97 coupe left Parana on about 08:00 hrs embarking on the Sape and later on Sagaie.Historie ukázala, že následující vedení časopisu bylo přinejmenším neschopné, ne-li hůř.Sape, Fanfare and Poignard were assigned to carry the troops to Trebukki, transfer them to Pampa and Medie and thereafter escort these two ships to Salonika17.Již dnes lze říct, že Andrej Anastasov se zapsal zlatým písmem do dějin počítačové publicistiky.On the other hand, the panic stricken soldiers, the inability of Tenedos to pump and the weather were the uncontrollable elements, but if some things were done in a different way, the probabilities of the ship surviving would have increased.Má s tím někdo zkušenosti?With regards to cargoes carried and ports of call, material available for the period January to August 1917 confirms that she had been operating in the Mediterranean sea, as a transport, with ports of call including Bizerte, Bone, Salonika, Corfu, Marseilles, Toulon, Taranto and Messina13.
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These were aggravated by the heavy use of the ship.

During our dives we had been able to define the torpedo damage, in the middle of the hold and near the ship's bottom, an area measuring about 30 square meters7.
A fresh breeze was blowing from NE and the night was moonless but clear, overall favorable conditions for the boat.