you would change it to "Te amo." malo : is said when u want to ask someone ( what is wrong with you )?
In Spanish it says "you is my cam." Maybe it's a different language.
The context involves a saint forbidding a tribal man hunting in the jungle from shooting a stork.Mas, puto Whenever Joe, Martita, and Belen drive around they always call pedestrians.Which is unlikely (as you speak about the heart).It doesn't make any sense.Your French is incorrect.It may take one or pioneer mvh 09ub two years to complete all of the requirements.If your writing is correct, the literal translation would be "How beautiful Gool of Mexico but".However little monkey would be an insult in french especially for a little girl implying ugly and hairy.Masputo unknown, from the Spanish word puto which means faggot or gay.The question is asked in the Talmud, "How can you describe HaShem (God and the reply is "Yachid" (absolute unity) It is for this reason that the word "Yachad" has a higher connotation in that it also implies unity with the Creator and not just.Kind of like an elevated level of universal consciousness.
The phrase 'ma cherie' means my darling.

" "ÂCÃmo estÃs?" means "How are you?" "No mÃs pantalon e s means, "No more trousers." "No Mas Cantina" is probably the name of a bar - "no more cantina" as in "you cannot have (any) more".
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