Umbrella, parasol ouvrir They put up the parasol to protect themselves from the strong sun.
I wouldn't put him in the same class as Verdi. .
The hotel is putting on buses to transport people to the match.Well, how shall I put it?You ruined my fucking life, Ray.She had been putting it about that Melanie was having an affair with the boss. .3 September: St Pope Gregory I (c.These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Le poster est super.She put the letter in the drawer.This will put us back ten years. .She put her hand on Grace's arm. Où est-ce que je peux mettre mes affaires? Nous avons essayé de visiter l'abbaye mais les queues nous en ont dissuadés.He had decided long ago that he would put his trust in socialism.Elapsed time: 127.We're putting on "Bugsy Malone". .More busco relacion seria madrid than the rest of them put together plus qu'eux tous réunis She felt she did more work than the rest of the team put together.Central heating, phone line mettre They're having central heating put.To put sth together again, to put sth back together remonter qch He took it all to pieces, cleaned it inside and out and put it together again.I'm not going to put up with it any longer. .
Mon ami va m'héberger pour la nuit.

As a baby's ass, motherfucker.
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Put-down * n humiliation f I see the term as a put-down of women.