Lesbian sex is often referred to as tortillear or hacer tortilla make tortillas.
Chinga a tu madre medidas preventivas de la prostitución or Vete y chinga a tu madre go fuck your mother is often considered the strongest Mexican curse, and vete a la chingada roughly translates "go fuck yourself".
Verbs denoting sexual acts The following verbs are indicative of a variety of sexual acts, especially sexual intercourse and masturbation, though mostly limited to specific geographic regions.(How serious are the damages?) (Compare the form typical of Spain: "Hay muchos daños?" (Is there a lot of damage?) Qué tan buen cocinero eres?Maricón "faggot puto "male prostitute.Alright, now that the little disclaimer is in place, lets move on to the juicier bits you came here for.You have to commit to the date to submit.Himmeldonnerwetter Heaven thunder weather, arschgesicht Ass face, schwanzlutscher Cock sucker.The small amount of Spanish spoken in the Philippines has traditionally been influenced by Mexican Spanish (as the territory was initially administered for the Spanish crown by Mexico City and later controlled by Acapulco ).The word culantro refers to an aromatic herb used in cooking, but in Puerto Rico it also means ass.From Nahuatl chchhualli titiwli.Among these, the varieties that are best known outside of the country are those of central Mexicoboth educated and uneducated varietieslargely because the capital, Mexico City, hosts most of the mass communication media with international projection.WW Norton Company, 2010.Bellaco (Spanish for "rogue translates in Puerto Rico into "horny".Russian Zaebal You have bored me a lot Kor-rovie khuy-ee You mother sucks cow dicks Ya eemay-you o-chen balshoy jol-ty hoy I have a big yellow dick Tebya ne ebut, ti ne podmakhivai Mind your own fucking business Yob tvoiu mat Fuck your mother.

Perhaps due to the alternative origins of the latter part of the word, there has been some controversy concerning its status as a real profanity, although its clear phonetic evocation of the word polla leaves little room for doubt, at least in its common daily.
This one is very commonly heard everyplace in Latin America and Mexico.