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Echoing his address in Iraklion, Crete, on Monday, the prime minister encouraged his supporters to put putito de roque perez down the partys flags and wave the Greek flag instead to remind people that there are goals that exceed the party political dividing lines.
EnglishI put down innovation - I've looked for innovation cycles in space; I found none.
Wish I could, but I already put down a deposit on 16 crates of jell-o.EnglishAnd they can pull calcium out of the environment, put down a layer of calcium and then carbonate, calcium and carbonate.Dictionaries, english-Russian dictionaries, new English-Russian dictionary of modern informal English.I have to put down a deposit for the caterer next week.Promotions on offer Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said yesterday the ministry is working on a draft bill that would allow some 70,000 public servants to be promoted more easily, in a move to better utilize the government's pool of human resources.According to the testimony of other pupils on the school trip, the teacher hit the student after she refused to put down a plastic bag filled with water.Fraudster detained A 27-year-old Nigerian man, who allegedly embezzled 300,000 euros from a 45-year-old construction materials retailer from Corinth over the course of two years, has been arrested.It allows candidates and electoral associations to put down a deposit instead of collecting voters' signatures, and to withdraw their decision to register a candidate (list of candidates) should it turn out that he (they) has/have supplied false information.If there are polls that give them a comfortable, as they call it, lead or majority, then they would not have issued the desperate and extortionate dilemma last Thursday: Either a clear majority or new elections, said pasok spokesman Yiannis Ragoussis.Englishto put one's foot down, englishto put your foot down.EnglishHow many things can I do to this object and put it down so it still looks like a cube?I know we talked about it and decided not to but I went to the Oaks today and put down a deposit.EnglishI just put them down like they were in the books.So, I drove back and put down a deposit.The commission put down the claims that some of Athenss water is radioactive down to the irresponsible spread of rumors.
Islanders and frequent users of the ferry network had been pressing for such a move for several decades.
Opinion polls cannot be published during the two weeks before a general election and pasok rejected yesterday suggestions that secret surveys are displaying a steady lead for the ruling conservatives.