To take place "happen" is from mid-15c.
(inf) den haben sie vielleicht durch die Mangel gedreht!
Put vt ( pret pp put; ger putting) to on ( clothing, etc.( put in touch with ) can you put me onto a good dentist?Put together vt sep ( put in same room, cage etc) zusammentun ; ( seat together) zusammensetzen ; hes better than all the others put together er ist besser als alle anderen zusammen?The country was rapidly becoming, they agreed, no place for a gentleman to live.C.1200, "space, dimensional extent, room, area from Old French place "place, spot" (12c.) and directly from Medieval Latin placea "place, spot from Latin platea "courtyard, open space; broad way, avenue from Greek plateia (hodos) "broad (way fem.( give accommodation to ) ospitare.A region or area: to travel to distant places.( send up, space probe, missile ) lanciare, mettere in orbita.She put aside her needlework.I'll put it up on the wall Le poster est super.To put in a suitable place for some purpose: to place an advertisement in the newspaper.( repel, smell ) disgustare.( enter, application, complaint ) presentare to put in a plea of not guilty ( Law ) dichiararsi innocente to put sb putita cobra con tarjeta in for an exam presentare qn a un esame to put sb in for an award proporre qn per un premio.To present or produce (a play etc ).(US) Can you put these photos on CD, please?Nose ( make inaccurate) instruments ungenau machen ; (fig) calculations, figures verfälschen to put money out at interest/at 12 Geld für Zinsen /zu 12 (Zinsen) verleihen vi (Naut: set sail) auslaufen ; to put out to sea in See stechen ; to put out.
The artist needs to know herself in order to reach the peak of her creativity.