Tom eats anything Mary puts in front of him.
He puts aside some money every month.
You can put on a contactos para whatsapp mujeres new play.
Dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today.En In honor of this grandiose event on a wall of the putito hot bailando Temple of Sacred Sofia in hundred years the representative of a Macedonian dynasty will order to put will put a mosaic with the image of Emperor Alexander Great, holding in a hand the.Tom put the box in the car.This puts me in a very difficult position.Put it on my tab.En Put-Put it in his hand and give it to him.We had to put down the work when John came.The results of the experiments are put down in the journal.I need to put aside potatoes and carrots for winter.Put the weapon down, all right?En If you put you put an executive admin.Tom seldom puts sugar in his coffee.Put down " dream.Your singing puts professional singers to shame.Her husband eats everything she puts in front of him.Don't put your hands out the window.Put your coat on a hanger.Merry, put on the light, please!Please put out your cigarettes before entering the museum.I wouldn't put it past Tom.The only spice Tom puts on meat is putas merlo pepper.