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Transcription of Irving Leonard published by Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico José Toribio Medina, Santiago de Chile, 1966 Couyoumdjian, Juan Ricardo (2009).
Through this program, thousands of Germans settled in the area, incorporating then-modern technology and busca tu mujer ideal know-how to develop agriculture and industry.
By 1820 the newly created Chilean Navy, commanded by Lord Thomas Cochrane, captured Valdivia, but failed to liberate Chiloé.Never will have the country that adopts us as its children, reason to repent of such illustrated, human and generous proceeding.But that year 4,000 Indians who had been fighting in Martín Ruiz de Gamboa's army rebelled after returning to the area of Valdivia.Culture edit Valdivia is often promoted for its unique characteristics, that make it different from other cities in Chile: Valdivia has an early Spanish colonial past, plus a later history of German colonization.Ver perfil de pilar.Nueva historia de Valdivia (Editorial Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, 2001) a b c d e f g h i j k l m "Breve Historia de Valdivia".12 Four months after the coup, on counterrevolutionary coup took control of the city and created a War Council.Sociedad RSO 1, liga Belga, finalizado, zulte Waregem WRG 2, brujas BRU 5, liga Holandesa.Retrieved December 25, 2012.Picture of Pedro de Valdivia, conquistador of Chile and founder of Valdivia During the 16th century, the economy of Valdivia was sustained by trade in agricultural products from nearby areas and by the coining and export of placer gold from Villarrica, Madre de Dios and.Culturdentidad DE valdivia (in Spanish).There is evidence that a similar landslide and earthquake happened in 1575.The Dutch did not find the gold mines they expected and the hostility of the natives forced them to leave on 12 Image of Torreón El Canelo restored in the 1850s.Cattle-raising was a growing industry, and wheat was grown on the cleared lands.Waterways edit Until highway bridges were built, Valdivia's economy and citizens depended on boat traffic on the surrounding rivers, but with a contraction of bridges and highways, the river has lost its importance.A b c d e "National Statistics Institute" (in Spanish).20 The precipitation is generated by frontal systems that cross the zone, which produce cloudiness and few clear days.After the Valdivian colonization had reached Bueno River Spanish authorities pushed for connecting the city of Valdivia with the settlements at Chacao Channel by a road.
Sociedad RSO 1, finalizado, villarreal VLL.

The last times it snowed in Valdivia were in July 2007 and in August 1995 during the so-called Terremoto Blanco ( Spanish for White Earthquake).
Both connect the city with the Pan-American Highway and run through forested areas and wetlands.
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