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The City Hall and the Church are on opposite although facing sides.
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There are at least two associations of local and regional plastic artists, Asociación de Bahiense de Artistas Plásticos and Asociacion de Artistas del Sur, both of them quite active promoting workshops and exhibits throughout the year, also in charge of the organization of multiple cultural.
32 34 Bahia Blanca receives an average of 2,310.7 hours of bright sunshine per year (about.3 hours of sunshine per day or 51 of possible sunshine 36 ranging from a high of 67 in January (9.7 hours of sunshine per day) 40.35 Although the majority of frosts occurs in JuneAugust, the occurrence of frosts in Spring and Fall can potentially damage crops.28 Fishing for sharks is becoming an attraction for an increasing number of people, some of whom travel from across the country to do it, in specified areas of the estuary where it is permitted by boat or from small piers in the islands.The name is due to the typical color of the salt covering the soil surrounding the shores.Archived from the original on b "Archived copy".Pieces of art from reputed local and Argentine artists belonging to the City patrimony are shown.29 There is one golf club with three courts of 9 holes each, driving range and putting green where courtesy for visitant players is observed.Although not a sculpture, the mural mosaic of Colegio Don Bosco, on the corner of Vieytes and Moreno streets, by Aurelio Friedrich -a local plastic artist- is to be mentioned.However, on the city council decided, for the first time in the history of the city, to unseat the elected mayor.National Universities are Facultad Regional Bahía Blanca Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, 22 devoted mainly busco hombre casado quito to exact sciences and intended for students who do have a job for making a living, with formal activities in the evening; and Universidad Nacional del Sur 23 ( National University.32 34 Most of the winds either come from the north or from the northwest.There are at least two known large oils on canvas by Benito Quinquela Martín, one there - at the Museum - and the other in the mayor's office.Major groups of immigrants from Germany and Jews from Eastern Europe also arrived in the city and in the region at the beginning of the 20th century, citation needed as well as during World War II and the post-war period.The mayor appoints the members of his cabinet of Secretaries who can be summoned by the council to whom they are mainly accountable."Consolato Generale - Bahia Blanca".31 The city is the seat of the Archdiocese of Bahía Blanca.On week-ends, mainly on Saturday there is a craftsmanship fair in the street at Plaza Rivadavia, the main square, where all kind of hand made goods are available.Climate edit Annual variations for rainfall (blue columns mean (green highest(red) and lowest (blue) temperatures Lola Mora's fountain at the entrance of the Universidad Nacional del Sur Bahía Blanca's climate is subtrpical and characterized by wide variations in temperatures.