Dentro de las lucen ululan anunciando que hemos llegado al fin.
Av ansikten som passerar o ler får mig att känna exakt ingenting Dom gillar noiserock i Japan.
Forget Japan, Japan is gone, nobody cares, it's Emilio Estevez!I need a place where there's no room to grow Watch out Tokyo I'm coming Let's go to Japan I'm not joking this time So go get busco hombre casado quito your bags packed We'll be just fine.Did I ask my father what.Made in Japan, made in Japan!Low Rider - War.Teach me French, but I cannot speak well.The sacred knife of a Samurai Serves up Sushi in a sandwich bar A doll that's made in Japan Is made for every man Tigerlily with eyes of jade Takes you to a carnival.Hector (1968) - The Village Callers.Light My Fire (1968) - José Feliciano.Play, lyrics of X - japan - ART OF life by X-Japan: Desert Rose Why do you live alone If you are sad I'll make you leave this life Are you white, blue or bloody red All I can see is drowning in cold grey.Made in, japan, made in Japan!Japan japan no yuuji ga Sekai no hito to Te to te wo tsunagu Kitai kitai.A Doll That's Made In Japan - Steve Hackett Play.Suavecito - Malo.Big In Japan - And One Play., Pay!A few more years yet they will work while they can To catch tiny fish for Japan.Cucara Macara (1972) - Harvey Averne Barrio Band.
Insane In The Brain - Cypress Hill.