English, put the needle through rubber top of the Humalog Mix50 vial and inject the air into the vial.
Cause to undergo, especially something difficult or troublesome,.
Hello, operator, put me through to Bloomsbury 7428.More_vert Nasza demokracja funkcjonuje w oparciu o zasadę reprezentacji, wcielaną w życie za pośrednictwem partii politycznych.More_vert, przekłuć igłą gumowy korek zamykający fiolkę Humalog Mix25 i wstrzyknąć powietrze do fiolki.More_vert Wiemy jednak także, że reformy te nie mogą zostać przeprowadzone w ramach budżetu na jeden rok.English Put the needle through the rubber top of the vial and push the plunger to inject air into the vial (see Figure 2).We put through a number of new laws.The related expression, put someone through the wringer, means "to give someone a hard time.EnglishThey put smart skylights through their stores so they could harvest the daylight and reduce escort independiente sevilla the lighting demands.EnglishI've put through a call to the embassy.To cause someone or something to complete a process, especially a process of approval: Congress has recently put through a number of new laws.EnglishWhen we put it through our solar chimney, we remove actually about 95 percent of that.To connect some telephone call or caller: Can you put the call through to my office?EnglishLet us not fool ourselves: nobody pays EUR 100 000 for a bull only to put it through the mincer and sell it as cita a ciegas fanfic hamburgers.More_vert, tak samo nie potrafimy wywierać na Chiny nacisku przy pomocy idącej w miliony pomocy rozwojowej.
He put all his children through college.
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