what does the spanish word punta mean in english

The verb escuchar means to listen, so escucho means I listen.
In Tierra del Fuego, across the strait from Punta Arenas, the village of Porvenir emerged during the Tierra del Fuego gold rush in the late 19th century.It means "of the" or "from the".Punta del Este, and are there are several private taxi and remise services available.At Punta Arenas and at Ushuaia a new class of curios appears.What does seqor mean?Here are 21 best answers to What does the Spanish word "guaranÃ" mean?When you use a translator, it putitas de toluca amatur says it means.Pupuntahan kita sa bahay.The most common meaning of "punta" is tip or end, but in this case it is a geographical term meaning "a small, generally low, portion of land that that goes into the ocean".It literally means the color "brown the adjective for a singular feminine noun.Punta, caracoles, a peninsula jutting out from the national park that teems with bush dogs, tapirs, and other tenacious wildlife.It's the subjunctive form of "there is" or "there are".Carnal is mostly used as a Mexican slang for something like bro or brother when referring to your biological brother or someone who is as close as a brother.It implies a man who is too old and set in his ways to change.The root word is "su it is a possessive adjective meaning his, her, its, their, one's, your.